Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Library Budget Eliminates 21 (14 FTE) Positions

County Executive Ed Long's FY2016 advertized library budget includes elimination of 21 circulation aide positions.  Funds to fill those positions have been available in the budget since October 2013, but Library Administration has decided not to fill those positions.  Beginning July 1, 2015 without intervention of the Board of Supervisors, the 21 positions will be eliminated.  Altogether there are approximately 70 current vacancies in the library.  At the present time 90% of branches cannot keep their doors open regular hours without overtime.  Ten months ago, only Oakton Library, needed overtime support.

Staff is expected to work overtime to make up the lack of coverage. 

In addition to staffing shortages, those 21 vacant positions are funded positions.  Their funding allotment provides the funds for overtime.  When the 21 positions are eliminated, 30% of funding for overtime will disappear and further exacerbate the staffing situation.   


  1. Budget documents indicate 14 positions are being eliminated. see the 4th page.

  2. 14 FTE (full time equivalent) positions in budget document. However, there are actually 21 positions, some part-time.