Wednesday, February 4, 2015

HB2066 Referred to House Appropriations Committee

The Full Committee on General Laws of the Virginia House of Delegates voted to refer HB 2066, Delegate Mark Keam's bill to declare libraries an essential part of the provision of public education, to the House Appropriations Committee.   Advocate Kathy Kaplan spoke before the Committee and urged them to pass the bill directly to the full House, but several delegates wanted an analysis of the budgetary impact of the bill first.  A few delegates were even more generally skeptical, one questioning the need for libraries at all, stating, "We have computers now." 

The House Appropriations Committee is expected to produce a report on the economic impact of the bill before further consideration.  

The Advocates again would like to thank Delegate Keam for his leadership and tenacious advocacy on this bill.  
We would urge constituents of Committee members Delegate LeMunyon, Delegate David Bulova, Delegate Kaye Kory, Delegate David Albo to encourage them to support the libraries in their districts (and throughout the State) and to vote to pass HB 2066 when it is returned to the General Laws committee.  
 Delegate Albo, Delegate Gilbert, Chair, and George Cain, Clerk.
House Committee on General Laws

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