Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Doug Miller Letter to Fairfax Library Advocates on New Library Strategic Plan Process

Good Morning,

This past year the Fairfax County Public Library launched an ambitious public engagement initiative. Many of you were contacted by our consultant, Civic Technologies, regarding your interest in participating in a focus group, a one-on-one interview, or public forum. The public engagement initiative was completed this past spring. You can find the data, information and recommendations from the consultant available at the link below.

We hope you will take the opportunity to read through the results as this information will form the basis for the library’s next phase of planning, the Strategic Planning Process which is now underway. Your participation in last year’s focus groups, interviews and public forums was invaluable to the library. We would like to keep you updated on our progress and would like to ask for your feedback as we draft the various components of our strategic plan.

For the past three months and continuing over the next several months, a committee of library staff from all levels of the organization will be meeting to draft this plan. With direction from the Library Board of Trustees and the vision of the Library Director, the committee has begun work. Using data gathered from the public engagement initiative and in conjunction with Fairfax County’s vision and Strategic Plan to Facilitate the Economic Success of Fairfax County, the committee will draft a plan charting the library’s course for the next 3-5 years.

We would like to hear your thoughts on the various pieces of the plan (Mission, Vision, Values, Goals, Objectives, and Initiatives) as they are drafted and will notify you as each draft becomes available. You can also follow the progress of the committee through the link below.

Fairfax Library Advocates played an important role during the public engagement process and we hope to continue that strong participation during the strategic planning process.  Thank you for your assistance, we look forward to hearing from you as this process moves forward.  Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or concerns.

Doug Miller
Douglas R. Miller
Strategic Planner and Customer Research Manager
Fairfax County Public Library
12000 Government Center Pkwy, Suite 324
Fairfax, VA 22035