Saturday, February 7, 2015

Finding the Next Library Director

The committee to find a new library director has put up a survey on the library website so people can give their opinions about what they would like in a new library director. 

By spring 2016, Fairfax County Public Library will hire a new library director. The library director has four main areas of responsibility:
  • To the community;
  • To staff;
  • To County Supervisors;
  • To the Library Board of Trustees
The director works with various constituents, donors, governing boards, and more. The public library provides a rich array of services, programs, information, recreational and educational resources that are available in twenty-three branches and online. The director is the head of a 400+ employee organization; ensures that the monies allocated by the County Supervisors are wisely spent; that county policies and priorities are adhered to; and that the policies and wishes of the Library Board of Trustees are implemented.

Please help us find the best person to serve as our next library director by answering these questions.

Here is the link to the survey:

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