Friday, January 30, 2015

Subcommittee Declares Libraries an Essential Part of Public Education

On Thursday members of the Fairfax Library Advocates visited the General Assembly in Richmond to testify in support of HB 2066, Delegate Mark Keam's bill to change the Code of Virginia regarding library policy.  Subcommittee #2 for General Laws passed the bill with an amendment written by Delegate Keam in consultation with the Advocates to tighten and strengthen the language.

42.1-46.  It is hereby declared to be the policy of the Commonwealth, as an essential part of its provision for public education, to promote the establishment and development of public library service throughout its various political subdivisions.

The bill will now be considered by the full committee on General Laws, perhaps as early as next week.  If approved, it will go to the Senate and then the Governor for signature.

Everyone interested in preserving and strengthening our libraries should now contact the Delegates and urge them to approve HB2066 as passed by the subcommittee.  

The Advocates wish to extend their heartfelt thanks to Delegate Mark Keam for his leadership on this issue.

General Assembly Building, Richmond, Virginia

Kathy Kaplan in front of the Library of Virginia

Ambassador Dennis Hays at the Library of Virginia  reading the current text of the
 42.1-46 Code of Virginia regarding library policy 

Hearing room for Committee for General Laws Subcommittee #2

Kathleen Murphy, legislative aide for Delegate Keam, and Julia Chun, Keam's Chief-of-Staff, 
holding the amended HB2066 text in the hearing room

Delegate Mark Keam and Dennis Hays after the committee voted 
to report HB2066 to the full committee

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